To help our members with their queries, we've put together a list of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our property portal. From membership pricing to contact details, you'll find the answers you need right here.

The Landsite is an innovative platform that connects land and commercial property investors, landlords, developers and tenants with a community of professional service providers to ensure a streamlined and efficient property market.

It allows each user to showcase their property or business service on a designated profile, creating a direct stream of communication and providing quick and easy access to the property or service users are searching for.

The Landsite is registered at:
13 Queens Road
Dorset BH2 6BA

The Landsite was launched in 2019, after extensive market research that found a gap in the market for commercial investors and service providers.

The Landsite is free for anyone to use, from whichever country they are located. Currently we are exclusively focused on land and commercial property opportunities in the UK. Interestingly, we have received significant interest from investors and purchasers overseas looking for land and commercial property opportunities in the UK. Our portal reduces the amount of work required to find information and connections and so it is particularly useful for international users.

Yes. All content submitted is validated and approved prior to publishing. The Landsite is not responsible for the views or information uploaded to the platform. Find out more about this in our Terms & Conditions.

Contact our help centre on: 01202 016230.

The contact details of members with land or commercial property and professional service providers on The Landsite can be obtained via their property or business profile on the platform.

Our Vision is to support the UK’s land & commercial property community by organizing information that is relevant to them and making it universally available in one place.

There are currently no plans to move into the residential sector.

The Vision of The Landsite is to create, build and connect a network united by an interest in UK land and commercial property. Our ambition is to connect this network through The Landsite portal - which is primarily an independent source of knowledge and information.

The benefit of The Landsite to this network is speed of transactions and depth of content – we are clearing a path through what can be a time consuming and fragmented process.

We provide professional services and property related businesses a platform from which to reach potential new customers already engaged in the land and commercial property sector. And we provide users with access to a portfolio of land and commercial property opportunities, be it to buy, rent, sell or lease.

The Landsite connects professional services with potential customers who are already engaged through an interest in land or commercial property. When users visit our site the postcode search functionality directs them to relevant geographic areas of interest. Moreover, the relevant professional services available in these areas are highlighted and easily accessed. This means that a buyer in London looking for land or commercial property in Leeds can quickly find what’s available. In addition, registered services such as surveyors and solicitors in the Leeds area are also easily found. It also means that an Agent in Leeds looking for Surveyor services in the local area can access The Landsite and quickly find registered Surveyors.

No. Uniquely, we are a portal dedicated to supporting the UK’s land and commercial property industry through information and knowledge.

First and foremost, we are the ‘go to’ destination for anyone interested in sourcing, leasing, renting and selling land and commercial property. We are also an independent source for news and data and have ambitious plans to grow and expand this aspect of the The Landsite portal to include forums, events and conferences. So we are very different in this respect.

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